Imperial War Museum North

RedBlueRedBlue by Mark Anstee
Imperial War Museum North, Manchester, UK
2-31 August 2014

For one hour each day from 2–31 August, visitors will be able to observe renowned artist, Mark Anstee, create RedBlueRedBlue:  a live installation at IWM North. Anstee will work from a pod in the heart of the Museum, drawing thousands of red and blue army action figures, which will be projected live onto the 27 foot high walls of the Main Exhibition Space. Each day’s drawing will be a reaction to the previous day; witnessing visitors will be able to follow a virtual battle as each force tries to out-manoeuvre each other. As the drawings accumulate, the interior of IWM North will be transformed into a giant kaleidoscope of red and blue, creating an immersive installation that challenges audiences to think about their perceptions of war. Visitors can watch the drawing unfold and become part of the installation by sharing their pictures with the hashtag #RedBlueRedBlue, which will be brought together chronologically in an online gallery. The installation will also be streamed live on IWM’s YouTube channel.
RedBlueRedBlue by Mark Anstee is part of Reactions14, a series of specially commissioned contemporary artistic responses to commemorate the First World War Centenary.

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