Dr Allan Probert

The Peninsula Community and Historic Trust proposes to take on and restore all buildings on council land including the stores building; ship wright building and slipway over a 10-15 year period and return them to council as an asset; a model shown to be successful with the Marine Education Centre in the bait house at Island Bay.. The Trust was formed to support events on the Peninsula and return any profits back to the community. We believe that irrespective of the vision and final form of Shelly Bay;  these buildings will be part of that due to their significance and see their preservation as vital to telling the story of early Wellington. We consider that the Trust will be able to engage and educate the public as to their significance and fundraise to complete their restoration. Creation of this space will additionally offer opportunities within the framework of Shelly Bay and the historic reserve for new activities and we would welcome the chance to work with Council on those as they come to hand. We would like to invite expressions of interest to help build awareness and immediacy for this initiative to the Mayor of Wellington and City Council.

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