Dr Gorch Pieken

Gorch Pieken studied history, art history, and Dutch philology in Cologne. From 1995 to 2005 he was curator and head of the multimedia department in the German Historical Museum, Berlin. In this position he was responsible for all electronic media for the permanent and all temporary exhibitions of the German Historical Museum. Some of the major exhibitions were the Council of Europe-exhibition; Middle of Europe in the Year 1000, 2001, Holocaust, 2001, First World War 1914-1918, 2004. Parallel to this function was the cooperation in the production of multimedia applications with Universities (Leipzig etc. digital library of the ten most important medieval manuscripts in Germany), the Bundeswehr (anniversary 50 years Bundeswehr) and the National Headquarters for Political Education (DVD-Production of a history-DVD for the national school curriculum with the title; Jewish Live in Germany, see link www.chotzen.de). In that time, he also worked as author and producer of several documentary films for German and French television. Since 2006 Gorch Pieken is project director of the new permanent exhibition of the Military Historical Museum of the Bundeswehr. In 2010 he became academic director and director of Exhibitions, Collections and Research in the Military Historical Museum.

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