Tanya Marriot

Tanya Marriott is a Digital Media lecturer from the Institute of Communication Design at Massey University in Wellington New Zealand.
Her interest in war, particularly the second world war, stemmed from Tanya’s involvement within a reality TV/documentary “Bomber Crew” which put the grandchildren of Bomber Command veterans in their grandfathers footsteps.

The personal connection with Bomber Command veterans has instigated several research projects, which focus on ways of providing personal testimony though interactive and character driven processes.
Her recent Masters thesis focused on developing innovative ways to access museum artefact archives within an interactive and immersive context.

Storytelling Memories formulated a platform of inquiry into an innovative way to access digital archives through tangible and contextual navigation. The project resulted in a functioning prototype, which has opened further opportunities for research and development regarding memory collection and presentation within a museum environment.

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