Scarred Nations: Intrastate conflicts, legacies, and reconciliation – 20th-21st April 2023, Auckland War Memorial Museum

The Symposium’s framing of intrastate conflict (or civil war) within an international and historical context (with significant Aotearoa New Zealand and Pacific content) is unique, timely, and relevant to both local and international audiences.

Intrastate conflicts are characterised by a multitude of perspectives, experiences, cultures, histories, and sites. The Scarred Nations symposium draws together these diverse facets of
internal war into a shared conceptual space. While other examinations of intrastate conflict often take particular disciplinary approaches, Scarred Nations examines this subject through a multiperspectival lens including historical, artistic, museological, military, and diplomatic responses.



Professor Alexander Gillespie:
The Wars of Today and Tomorrow: Global risk and New Zealand in an increasingly lawless world.

Professor James Belich:
Comparing Anglo-world settler societies and their violent relations with indigenous peoples.

David Shearer MBE:
Speaking on the themes of peace, resolution and reunification.


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